Microsoft eBook giveaway

During my current interest about Azure cloud services, I’ve spotted this link with tons of free available ebooks about some interesting subjects.

A Gitlab disaster: What we can learn.

After the well known Gitlab disaster / outage / disclosure, that could have been followed even in a live stream, some people think that they can extract certain conclusions.

The way they handled the incident can be seen a bit blurry or inadequate, to say the least. Anyway, nobody can say they’re not transparent.

Anyway, following this incident and the sea of news that came after, somebody kindly gave me this link with some interesting knowledge:

Gitlab Team Handbook

Good teamwork = being nice.

I’ve been reading part of this article and I totally agree with what I’ve read.

After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice

I really think that there’s no special treatment or benefit you can grant to your team / coworkers / employees that guarantee success.
BUT, if you really listen, if you really behave with them, and take their suggestions and ideas into account, it will be enough.